DevOps Engineer

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With Vinlivt you will change the way we all care about financial independency. We help people to make smart investments and keep their financial planning healthy and strong. You will work with systems operating in the cloud and rely on a fast data transfer between different internal and external microservices. We deal with many data transactions per second and need to scale fast and reliable with a blink of an eye.

Key Responsibilities
  • Manage AWS infrastructure using Terraform, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring scalability.
  • Implement and maintain CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions to automate deployment processes.
  • Collaborate with development teams to optimize application architecture for AWS environment.
  • Ensure high level of security standards to protect our customers' financial data.
  • Set up and configure monitoring systems to ensure high availability and performance of applications.
  • Proven experience working as a DevOps Engineer with a focus on AWS and Terraform.
  • Experience setting up CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions.
  • Strong understanding of monitoring systems and log file analysis.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • High communication, collaboration and English speaking skills.
  • Satisfactory understanding of security within AWS such as configuring IAM policies or VPC security groups.
  • Understanding of networking concepts and experience with AWS networking components.
  • Proficient knowledge in AWS Lambda functions, EC2 instances, VPC networks and IAM permission management.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Knowledge of containerization technologies such as Docker.
  • Experience with the AWS services, Elastic Container Service (ECS), Relational Database Service (RDS), API Gateway, CloudFront, Simple Storage Service (S3), CloudWatch and Route 53.
  • Understanding of Java development processes and deployment requirements.
  • Basic web development and deployment skills
  • Familiarity with Bash scripting.
  • Skills in AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) best with the language TypeScript.
Our Tech Stack

Our entire infrastructure is hosted on AWS, leveraging Terraform as our Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool, predominantly utilizing CDK with TypeScript. Our microservices are developed in Java using the Quarkus framework, compiled into native images via GraalVM, and deployed as AWS Lambda functions, seamlessly integrated with API Gateway. This architecture provides us with unparalleled scalability and performance while maintaining cost efficiency. On the frontend, we utilize TypeScript with the Angular framework, with our applications hosted on S3 and distributed globally through CloudFront, ensuring rapid content delivery and an optimal user experience.

Your future team
  • We are an international team with a strong learning culture
  • We don’t see problems, but rather challenges – we love solving problems with pragmatic solutions
  • You get to enjoy your time with us in a healthy work environment
  • Perfect working material of your choice to have fun with
  • Agile methodology and open communication – we love Slack and use it as our communication channel
Why join Vinlivt?

Join Vinlivt for an opportunity to immerse yourself in a dynamic technological landscape, where you'll work with cutting-edge tools like AWS, Terraform, TypeScript, and Quarkus, contributing to innovative solutions that shape the future. Experience the power of collaboration in our inclusive culture, where your voice is valued and growth opportunities abound through mentorship and professional development initiatives. Enjoy a healthy work-life balance with flexible hours and remote work options, all while being part of a purpose-driven mission to make a positive impact on businesses and lives. If you're passionate about technology and eager to thrive in a supportive environment, Vinlivt is the place to be. Join us in redefining what's possible in the world of tech.

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Unsere Werte

Bei Vinlivt steht eine gesunde Arbeitskultur, ein respektvolles Miteinander, sowie gegenseitiges Vertrauen im Vordergrund. Wir arbeiten intelligent, agil, kollaborativ und lösungsorientiert. Wir achten aufeinander und fördern gleichzeitig die Autonomie, um das Beste in uns zu entdecken, um zu lernen und um uns schlussendlich gegenseitig zu fördern.

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